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Central Ontatio STARskate Champions

STARskate Championship

STARskate Championship

Eligible members of the Pickering Skating Club were invited to compete at the 2015 Skate Canada Central Ontario STARskate Championships on February 6 – 8 in Milton Ontario. STAR Skaters, level 5 and above, who finish top three at this event qualify to advance and represent the section at the 2015 Skate Ontario STARskate Championships in March. This Provincial Championship hosts hundreds of coaches and skaters from across Ontario.

The Pickering Skating Club is proud of STAR skaters Emily Weightman, Cassie Nielsen, Faith Lewis, Riley Sawyer, Holly Branigan, Lauren Balke, Sara Currie and Brayden Hockley for representing the club at this competitive event.

“A competition of this calibre allows our members to test their skills against the best skaters in our region” explained SCPSC Board Member Maria Currie.

Lauren Balke achieved a Bronze in STAR 3 Girls Group 1

Lauren Balke, Bronze in STAR 3 Girls Group 1

Lauren Balke achieved a Bronze in STAR 3 Girls Group 1, while Sara Currie secured GOLD in STAR 3 Girls- Group 6. Although only STAR 5 and above skaters advance, both Lauren and Sara have a bright skating future ahead of them.

Pickering Skating Club

Silver Medalist, Brayden Hockley and Riley Sawyer

Silver Medalist, Brayden Hockley and Riley Sawyer, will be advancing to the 2015 STARSkate Provincial championships in March in the Senior Bronze Dance category. After also winning Gold,
Brayden Hockley will be representing the Pickering Skating club in the STAR 5 Men over 13 category.

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