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Pickering Wins 44 Medals at U.S. Competition

International Skating Team

International Skating Team

Representing Pickering at the 26th Annual Spring Skate Festival in Cheektowaga New York, the Pickering Skating Club International Team won 44 Medals – 12 gold, 20 silver and 12 bronze. The team nearly missed podium appearance with 14 additional 4th place finishes.

The Pickering Skating club is proud of all of the skaters who competed!

Gold Medal
Holly Branigan – Junior Test Track Free
Sara Currie – Preliminary Test Track Free Group B
Phoebe Gatsis & Stephanie Hintermiester – Fiesta Tango Shadow Dance
Christina Hazell – Pre-Preliminary Adult Spins
Christina Hazell – Pre-Preliminary Adult Jumps
Christina Hazell – Adult Footwork
Stephanie Hintermeister – Pre-Preliminary Showcase
Arline Killam – Adult Bronze Freeskating
Arline Killam – Adult Showcase
Faith Lewis – Juvenile Test Track Free Group A
Angelina Villanueva – Pre-Preliminary Test Free Group B
Owen Weightman – Basic Skills Level 5

Silver Medal
Lauren Balke – Preliminary Showcase
Holly Branigan – Quick Step Solo Dance
Holly Branigan – Killian Solo Dance
Holly Branigan – Senior Showcase
Sara Currie – Preliminary Music Interpretation Group B
Sara Currie & Brooke Farrell – Ten Fox Shadow Dance
Jade Falsetti & Gabriella Villanueva – Dutch Waltz Shadow Dance
Phoebe Gatsis – Pre-Preliminary CM Group C
Christina Hazell – Adult Pre-Bronze CM
Christina Hazell – Adult Pre-Bronze Free
Christina Hazell – Adult Showcase
Christina Hazell, Arline Killam, & Claudia Savor – Pre-Preliminary Adult Teams
Stephanie Hintermeister – Preliminary Test Track Free Group A
Stephanie Hintermeister – Pre-Preliminary CM Group B
Arline Killam – Pre-Preliminary Adult Spins
Arline Killam – Pre-Preliminary Adult Jumps
Faith Lewis – Junior Showcase Group A
Alex Savor & Emily Weightman – Rocker Foxtrot Shadow Dance
Natalia Savor – Blues Solo Dance
Emily Weightman – Juvenile Test Track Free Group B

Bronze Medal
Phoebe Gatsis – Pre-Preliminary Showcase
Emily Guan – Fiesta Tango Solo Dance
Emily Guan – Pre-Preliminary Test Free Group B
Arline Killam – Adult Footwork
Madison McKay – Pre-Preliminary Music Interpretation
Nooshin Pak – Beginner Jumps Group C
Natalia Savor – Juvenile Music Interpretation
Natalia Savor – Killian Solo Dance
Natalia Savor & Emily Wardle – Killian Shadow Dance
Angelina Villanueva – Pre-Preliminary CM Group A
Emily Weightman – Rocker Foxtrot Solo Dance
Emily Weightman – PreJuv/Juvenile Footwork Group B

Honourable Mention
4th – Holly Branigan – Open Music Interpretation
4th – Holly Branigan & Cassie Nielsen – Killian Shadow Dance
4th – Brooke Farrell – Preliminary Showcase
4th – Phoebe Gatsis – Ten Fox Solo Dance
4th – Phoebe Gatsis – Preliminary Spins Group C
4th – Phoebe Gatsis, Stephanie Hintermeister, & Angelina Villanueva – Preliminary Teams
4th – Faith Lewis – Juvenile CM Group A
4th – Cassie Nielsen – Juvenile Spins Group B
4th – Cassie Nielsen, Natalia Savor, Emily Weightman, & Rachel Wildridge – Juvenile Teams
4th – Cassie Nielsen & Rachel Wildridge – 14 Step Shadow Dance
4th – Nooshin Pak – Beginner Spins Group B
4th – Angelina Villanueva – Pre-Preliminary Jumps Group A
4th – Emily Wardle – Junior Showcase Group B
4th – Emily Weightman – Juvenile Music Interpretation

5th – Lauren Balke – Preliminary Test Track Free Group A
5th – Lauren Balke – Preliminary Spins Group A
5th – Brooke Farrell – Preliminary Music Interpretation Group B
5th – Arline Killam – Adult Pre-Bronze CM
5th – Madison McKay – Pre-Preliminary Test Free Group D
5th – Alex Savor – Fox Trot Solo Dance
5th- Natalia Savor – Junior Showcase Group B

6th – Lauren Balke – Preliminary Music Interpretation Group A
6th – Lauren Balke – Preliminary CM Group A
6th – Lauren Balke – Ten Fox Solo Dance
6th – Stephanie Hintermeister – Preliminary Spins Group B
6th – Madison McKay – Pre-Preliminary CM Group D
6th – Emily Weightman – Juvenile Spins Group B
6th – Yasmine Yusufi – Pre-Preliminary Test Free Group C

7th – Lauren Balke – Preliminary Jumps Group A
7th – Sara Currie – Preliminary Showcase
7th – Jade Falsetti – Pre-Preliminary Test Free Group C
7th – Emily Guan – Pre-Preliminary Spins Group B
7th – Stephanie Hintermeister – Pre-Preliminary Music Interpretation
7th – Faith Lewis – Juvenile Spins Group A
7th – Cassie Nielsen – Pre-Juv/Juvenile Footwork Group B
7th – Cassie Nielsen – Juvenile Test Track Free Group C
7th – Cassie Nielsen – Junior Showcase Group B
7th – Emily Weightman – Junior Showcase Group A

8th – Madison McKay – Pre-Preliminary Showcase

9th – Brooke Farrell – Preliminary CM Group B
9th – Emily Guan – Pre-Preliminary Jumps Group B
9th – Alexandra Savor – Junior Showcase Group A
9th – Rachel Wildridge – Preliminary Showcase

10th – Brooke Farrell – Preliminary Test Track Free Group C
10th – Phoebe Gatsis – Preliminary Test Track Free Group B
10th – Gabriella Villanueva – Dutch Waltz Solo Dance

11th – Rachel Wildridge – Preliminary Test Track Free Group C

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