May 2015 Test Results - Learn to Skate - Figure Skating, Hockey Skills for all Ages to Adults

May 2015 Test Results


Congratulations to the following skaters on their achievement!

Skills Preliminary Melissa White
Skills Preliminary Emily Guan
Skills Preliminary Samantha Butt
Skills Junior Bronze Lauren Balke
Skills Junior Bronze Brooke Farrell
Skills Junior Bronze Tiffany Huang
Skills Jr Silver Emily Weightman
Elements Preliminary Caitlain Ball
Elements Preliminary Phoebe Gatsis
Elements Preliminary Madelyn Jones
Elements Preliminary Stephanie Hintermeister
Interpretive Pre-Introductory Sara Currie
Interpretive Bronze Faith Lewis
Interpretive Bronze Emily Weightman
Interpretive Silver Amy Wu
Dance Preliminary Dutch Waltz Hannah Falsetti
Dance Preliminary Dutch Waltz Aryanlee Dulce
Dance Preliminary Dutch Waltz Megan Puttman
Dance Preliminary Canasta Tango Diana Costoman
Dance Preliminary Baby Blues Amelie Nardine
Dance Preliminary Baby Blues Yasmine Yusufi
Dance Preliminary Baby Blues Kaitlyn Joranovic
Dance Preliminary Baby Blues Jade Falsetti
Dance Junior Bronze Fiesta Emily Guan
Dance Junior Bronze Fiesta Jessica Cawsey
Dance Junior Bronze Fiesta Angelina Villanueva
Dance Junior Bronze Fiesta Karen Quan
Dance Junior Bronze Willow Waltz Tiffany Huang
Dance Junior Bronze Willow Waltz Keeonna Sankar
Dance Sr Bronze Fourteenstep Eldora Chen
Dance Sr Bronze Fourteenstep Barb Scott
Dance Sr Bronze Fourteenstep Caitlain Ball
Dance Sr Bronze Ten-Fox Phoebe Gatsis
Dance Sr Bronze Ten-Fox Stephanie Hintermeister
Dance Sr Bronze Ten-Fox Lauren Balke
Dance Sr Bronze European Sara Currie
Dance Sr Bronze European Madelyn Jones
Dance Jr Silver Harris Tango Brayden Hockley
Dance Jr Silver Keats Rachel Wildridge
Dance Jr Silver Rocker Alex Savor
Dance Sr Silver Paso Ashley Hamburger
Dance Sr Silver Starlight Amy Wu
Dance Sr Silver Blues Ashley Hamburger
Dance Sr Silver Killian Emily Weightman
Dance Gold Silver Samba Cassie Nielsen
Dance Gold Argentine Tango Cassie Nielsen
Dance Gold Quickstep Natalia Savor
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