January 2016 Test Schedule - Learn to Skate - Figure Skating, Hockey Skills for all Ages to Adults

January 2016 Test Schedule

SCPSC January 28th, 2016 Test Schedule

SCPSC Board, Coaches and members wish all skaters the best for their upcoming tests.

4 – 4:50 Open Ice for STAR Skaters

4:50 Flood

5:10 Preliminary
Yasmine Yusufi (Linda Donnelly )
Bethany Brown (Darcy Herring)

5:28 Jr Bronze
Rachel Wildridge (Cheryl Hockley)

5:45 Sr Bronze Skills
Madelyn Jones (Cheryl Hockley)
Lauren Balke (Cheryl Hockley)

6:00 Preliminary Freeskate
Jessica Cawsey (Darcy Herring)
Emily Guan (Cheryl Hockley)
Rachel Percy (Darcy Herring)

6:15 Junior Bronze Freeskate
Lauren Balke (Cheryl Hockley)
Stephanie Hintemeister (Linda Donnelly)
Phoebe Gatsis (Linda Donnelly)

6:30 Preliminary Elements & Jr Bronze
Sakeenah Sulaiman (Cheryl Hockley)
Emily Guan (Cheryl Hockley)
Lauren Balke (Cheryl Hockley)

7:00 Flood & Judge Break

7:15 Dutch Waltz & Canasta Tango
Hannah Davis (Lisa Taylor-Farrell with Emily Wardle)
Sylvia Gorgie (Arline Killam with Emily Wardle)
Kaeleigh Murphy (Linda Wright with Natalia Savor)
Anyanlee Dulce (Arline Killam with Troy Hockley)
Chloe Brown (Linda Donnelly with Natalia Savor)

7:28 Baby Blues
Kira Brown (Linda Donnelly with Emily Wardle)
Bethany Brown (Darcy Herring with Troy Hockley)

7:35 Swing
Ameline Narine (Larissa Gibson with Natalia Savor)
Yasmine Yusufi (Linda Donnelly)
Mya Murphy (Linda Wright with Natalia Savor)

7:46 Willow Waltz
Jessica Cawsey (Darcy Herring with Troy Hockley)
Rachel Percy (Darcy Herring with Troy Hockley)

8:00 14 Step & Ten-Fox
Emily Guan (Cheryl Hockley with Troy Hockley)
Tiffany Huang (Arline Killam with Troy Hockley)
Sakeenah Sulaiman (Cheryl Hockley with Troy Hockley)
Emily Guan (Cheryl Hockley with Troy Hockley)

8:15 End

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