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Testing is the backbone of Skate Canada’s STARSkate program. Tests are presided over by official judges who determine if a skater is ready to advance to the next level. As skaters progress, each test level in Ice Dance, Free Skate, Interpretive and Skating Skills becomes increasingly more difficult and range from a Preliminary level, through to Bronze, Silver and finally, Gold, with multiple requirements within each. All results go on the skater’s permanent record.

The Pickering Skating Club is happy to announce that Cassie Nielsen, Megan Shepherdly and Emily Wardle have achieved Gold Dance certification!

Ice Dance gold certification consists of successfully completing six levels of tests. Each Dance test assesses timing, musicality, rhythm interpretation, structure as well as basic skating skills such as edges, flow, control and unison.

As a member of the Pickering Skating Club for nine years, Cassie began skating at the age of seven. She is a recipient of a 2015 John Benton award and member of the clubs’ international competition team. She is looking forward to passing her Diamond Dance certification, the highest level of Ice Dance recognition skaters can achieve.

Megan began skating at the age of four. She is the 2014 STARSkater of the year recipient from the Ajax Skating Club, 2011 Women’s Grand Prix winner at the Markham Skating club, and has recently qualified for the Skate Canada Ontario Championships for Bronze Triathlon being held in Sudbury Ontario. She is working towards Gold in Freeskate and Skills.

Emily Wardle has been skating for twelve years and been a member of the Pickering Skating Club since she was six years old. As a STARSkater for the eight years, she is a 2015 recipient of a John Benton award and represented Pickering Skating Club at the Margaret Garrison Ice Show and Awards Ceremony, as a flag bearer. In addition, Emily has achieved Gold certification in Interpretive. She is currently working towards achieving Diamond dance and Gold skills status. When not skating, she can be found putting her artistic talents to work. Currently, her art is displayed at Pickering’s City Hall.

For those interested, these talented ladies will be featured in the upcoming Pickering Ice Show scheduled for April 9th at the Pickering Recreation Centre. Please contact the Pickering Skating Club for information and tickets.

Once again, the Pickering Skating Club congratulates these three fantastic skaters and their wonderful coaches for all their hard work. We’re proud of you!!!

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