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Emerson & Wardle Achieve Gold Certification

The Pickering Skating Club is happy to announce that two more skaters have achieved Gold status. Emily Emerson successfully attained Gold Interpretive certification, while Emily Wardle has achieved Gold Skills certification.

Emily Emerson has been a skater with the Pickering Skating Club for 17 years and was recently hired as a member of the Coaching staff. The same way that she challenges her students, Emily continues to test herself. Emily adds Gold Interpretive accreditation to her growing list of accomplishments, which, also includes Gold dance and Gold skills certification.

The objective of the Interpretive program is to encourage and develop skaters’ creativity, expression, musicality, movement, interpretation of music, as well as the use of space, rhythm, line and style. The program provides skaters with the opportunity to explore the performance aspect of skating without focusing on technical elements.

Hot off of her Gold Dance certification, Emily Wardle has achieved Gold Skills accreditation. Skating Skills are a combination of fundamental skating movements, executed on a pattern and skated solo. The basic components of all disciplines of figure skating are incorporated into the program. The movements are derived from former compulsory figures, free skating and ice dancing. The objective of the Skating Skills program is mastery of the basic fundamentals of skating – edge quality, control, power and speed.

Emily Wardle has been skating for twelve years and been a member of the Pickering Skating Club since she was six years old. Her next goal is to achieve Diamond dance certification.

For those interested, these talented ladies will be featured in the upcoming Pickering Ice Show scheduled for April 9th at the Pickering Recreation Centre. Please contact the Pickering Skating Club for information and tickets.

Once again, the Pickering Skating Club congratulates these fantastic skaters and their wonderful coaches for all their hard work. We’re proud of you!!!

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